Chalet Basseruche

Once home to a herd of dairy cows, the Basseruche’s Swiss chalet turned restaurant, is a place where specialty cheese dishes, mushroom croutes and grilled beef chops (bookings only) can be savored.  On this vast estate of the Basseruche valley - carefully maintained with love - we invite you to enjoy a multitude of activities.  The first snowfall end november usually marks the beginning of our popular fondue and snowshoe evenings and beginners ski lessons - activities offerd until month of march. In spring- and summertime you can play Footgolf, Swingolf and try our Zip-Lines Unfortunately, most of our staff doesn't speak english. But don't worry, we will try to understand each other.




All our car parks (at the entrance, close to the restaurant and in the valley) are exclusively for our clients. This is not a public car park. Please respect this.

If you want to go for a hike or picnic, you can use the public car park "route d'Arzier" (exit the village of St-Cergue, direction Arzier). 

Basseruche is situated 10' from the railway station. On weekends, trains are running every hour.


Picnic forbidden

Basseruche is a private area. The staff for maintenance, cleaning and snow-removal isn't payed by the community. That's why we don't accept picnic and camping at Basseruche. Parking for clients only.