Snowshoe and fondue

Snowshoe walks are accessible to all. A short hike is ideal for appreciating the peace and quite of the winter scenery while doing a bit of exercise. Whether you are athletic or contemplative, we propose guided tours tailor-made to fit your every desire. After the effort, enjoy the comfort. Nothing beats having a delicious fondue in our tastefully renovated Swiss chalet.


La bouffée d'air    

dès 25 participants     Fr. 57.-- par personne

12 à 24 participants    Fr. 59.-- par personne



Our flat rate includes:

- The guide and the introduction to snowshoeing

- Snowshoe rentals

- Mulled wine

- Fondue menu in the chalet

( Cured beef,  3 Cheese Fondue,  Coupe de fruits )

Drinks not included


La bouffée d'air

Get a breath of fresh air by going for a walk for about 45 minutes under a starlit sky or in a snowstorm to whet your appetite. All included, with the guide, snowshoe rental, introduction to snowshoeing and mulled wine break. Allow for around 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes for the walk, break included. 


 Longer hikes (2 - 3 hours) on demand.

Calendrier lunaire


Link Moon-Calendar

Jeudi 20.12.18    lune pleine à 90%
Vendredi 21.12.18     lune pleine à 96%
Samedi 22.12.18       pleine lune

Samedi 19.01.19   lune pleine à 93%
Lundi 21.01.19    pleine lune
Mardi 22.01.19    lune pleine à 99%
Mercredi 23.01.19   lune pleine à 96%

Lundi 18.02.19  lune pleine à 96%
Mardi 19.02.19  pleine lune
Mercredi 20.02.19  lune pleine à 99%
Jeudi 21.02.19  lune pleine à 97%

Mercredi 20.03.19  lune pleine à 98%
Jeudi 21.03.19  pleine lune
Vendredi 22.03.19  lune pleine à 99%
Samedi 23.03.19  lune pleine à 96%



A starlit sky, fog or a snowstorm, we have no power over the weather. Instead, take advantage of nature and the fireplace to keep you warm!







Our alpine restaurant is located at an altitude of 1100 m. and unpredictable weather conditions are typical in this sort of environment. Snow, fog or rain are not considered reasons for the cancellation of dining reservations.



To prepare for your arrival, food is ordered from our suppliers and the necessary staff is hired in advance. By way of compensation, cancellations made less than 15 days in advance are charged a flat fee charge of Fr. 25. -- per person.

We kindly ask that you confirm the number of people in your party a week in advance at the latest. After this deadline, we reserve the right to charge the flat fee of Fr. 25. -- per person missing. The “activity” part of your booking (luge lifts, chairlifts, snowshoeing) can be cancelled, without fees incurred, up to 2 days in advance – the dining reservation, however, is binding.


Methods of payment
A deposit will be asked upon the final reservation (50% of the order’s total). The balance is due upon receipt (in cash, EC direct, Postcard or Credit-Card). Subsequent billings are not permitted.


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