Nos entrées

Planche Basseruche                       Fr. 25.--
jambon cru, lard, viande séchée, fromage, salami

Planche de viande séchée             Fr. 25.--



Salade verte                                   Fr.   6.--

Tomme vaudoise                            Fr.   8.--


During peak days, our menu could be limited to specials only (fondues, cheese dishes, mushroom croutes) – due to the small size of our kitchen this allows us to serve you on time.


3 cheese Fondue                             Fr. 25.--

 Boletus Fondue                               Fr. 29.--

Goat cheese Fondue                       Fr. 29.-- 
(depending of availability, served with potatoes)

Tomato Fondue                               Fr. 29.-- 
(served with potatoes)

Mustard Fondue                               Fr. 29.--

Morels Fondue                                 Fr. 34.--

Champagne Fondue                        Fr. 38.-- 
(min. 4 persons)

 portion of potatoes                           Fr.  3.--


Prices are per person.
Fondue specials are served from 2 portions or more.



Our Meat Dishes

Côte de boeuf                                 Fr. 42.-- *

Beef Ribs
400gr. on the bone, served with country potatoes and a salad

(must book in advance)


Cheminée de table                         Fr. 42.- *

250gr. 1st grade beef filet, served with a sauce, country potatoes and a salad

(evening only, depending of availability, must book in advance)


Plate of Roast Beef                       Fr. 20.--
served cold, with a salad and tartar sauce



Meat origins: Swiss
Our provider is an artisanal butcher from the region - traceable and Swiss norms guarantied.

Beef ribs, “cheminée de table” and “raclette” must be booked a minimum of 48h in advance. During peak days, our menu could be limited to specials only (fondues, cheese dishes, mushroom croutes) – due to the small size of our kitchen this allows us to serve you on time.



Nos vins

Vins en bouteille, blanc

Côteau de Vincy, Gilly             Fr. 30.--  70cl
Côteau de Vincy, Gilly             Fr. 23.--  50cl
Yvorne                                     Fr. 44.--  70cl
Petite Arvine Fully                   Fr. 43.--  75cl
Ambitus Chasselas La Côte    Fr. 33.--  75cl

Vins en bouteille, rouge

Pinot Noir "Soprano"               Fr. 38.--  70cl
Pinot Noir "Soprano"               Fr. 29.--  50cl
Humagne 2013                       Fr. 43.--  70cl
Crescendos Gamay AOC       Fr. 43.--  75cl

 Vins en bouteille, rosé

Oeil de Perdrix 2013              Fr. 32.--  75cl
Oeil de Perdrix 2013              Fr. 23.--  50cl

 Vins ouverts

Blanc domaine de Chantegrive  Fr. 3.50 1dl
Route Pinot Gamay                    Fr. 3.50 1dl
Rosé La Côte                             Fr. 3.50 1dl

Vin Mousseux

Champagne Mercier Brut       Fr. 75.--   75cl
                                               Fr. 45.--   37cl
Prosecco                                Fr. 40.--   70cl  
                                               Fr. 10.--   20cl





Our Desserts

Artisanal Meringue                         Fr. 12.--
served with double cream Gruyère

Meringues  with ice-cream             Fr. 13.--
artisanal meringue, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream


Délices Basseruche                       Fr.   6.--
apple-based, owner's grandmother's homemade recipe

Le Basse-Ruche                            Fr. 10.--
Apricot sorbet, moistened with Abricotine (apricot-based alcohol)


Iced Coffee                                    Fr.    7.50
Mocha Ice Cream with an Espresso

Coupe Myrline                               Fr. 10.--
Vanilla ice cream, with a blueberry coulis

Colonel                                          Fr. 10.-
Lemon sorbet, moistened with Vodka
Coupe Danemark                          Fr. 11.--
Vanilla ice cream, served with hot chocolate and whipped cream


Apple Tart                                      Fr.   5.--

Autres choix

Croûte au fromage                     Fr. 20.--
avec jambon et oeuf

Tomme poêlée                           Fr. 16.--
avec salade

Macaronis BasseRuche             Fr. 18.--
crème, lard, fromage

Croûte aux champignons          Fr. 20.--
avec salade

Raclette                                     Fr. 29.-- *
servie avec pommes de terre, cornichons et oignons
(le soir, sur réservation, dès 4 personnes)


Pour les enfants

Cornettes au jambon                   Fr. 10.--