Our Meat Dishes

Côte de boeuf                                 Fr. 44.-- *

Beef Ribs
400gr. on the bone, served with country potatoes and a salad

(must book in advance)


Cheminée de table                         Fr. 45.- *

250gr. 1st grade beef filet, served with a sauce, country potatoes and a salad

(evening only, depending of availability, must book in advance)


Plate of Roast Beef                       Fr. 23.--
served cold, with a salad and tartar sauce



Meat origins: Swiss
Our provider is an artisanal butcher from the region - traceable and Swiss norms guarantied.

Beef ribs, “cheminée de table” and “raclette” must be booked a minimum of 48h in advance. During peak days, our menu could be limited to specials only (fondues, cheese dishes, mushroom croutes) – due to the small size of our kitchen this allows us to serve you on time.



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