Alpine restaurant

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Basseruche restaurant in St. Cergue. Situated in a tastefully renovated Swiss chalet, the restaurant is heated by a large, central fireplace. Open year-round, our restaurant is located in the Basseruche valley, not far from the St. Cergue train station, where we serve delicious cheese dishes such as fondue, cheese croutes and our “cornettes” Basseruche.

Booking by phone advisable tél 022 360 16 88, tél 0041 22 360 16 88 (de France)

Our meats

Mixed salad  CHF   7.-
Board Basse-Ruche  CHF 26.-
jambon cru, lard grillé, salami, saucisson, fromage
Board of dried meat  CHF 26.-
Board of dried meat  CHF 28.-
avec salade mêlée             
Assiette de Roastbeef froide  CHF 25.-
sauce tartare, salade, pommes de terre
Mushroom crust  CHF 24.-
avec salade
Macaronis Basseruche  CHF 21.--
avec crème, lard, fromage
Rib of beef (depending on availability)  CHF 46.-
400g avec os, pommes de terre sautées et salade
Pork ribs (depending on availability) CHF 36.-
avec pommes de terre sautées et salade

Nos mets au fromage

Prices per person

Fondue with 3 cheeses   Fr. 27.-

(from 1 person)
Boletus fondue   Fr. 31.-
Goat cheese fondue   Fr. 33.-
(depending on availability, served with potatoes)
Tomato fondue   Fr. 31.-
(served with potatoes)
Mustard fondue   Fr. 31.-
Fondue with morels   Fr. 37.-
Champagne fondue   Fr. 40.-
(min. 4 people)
Fondue Vis-à-Vis   Fr. 39.-
(morels, 3 cheeses, 1 cup of Prosecco)
portion of potatoes   Fr. 3.-

Prices are per person.
The special fondues are served from 2 servings.

Our wines

Wines white
Beau Soleil   bt 50cl   CHF 23.-
Beau Soleil   bt 70cl   CHF 30.-
Chasselas Thierry Durand, Mont-sur-Rolle
Côteau de Vincy   bt 50cl   CHF 23.-
Côteau de Vincy   bt 75cl   CHF 30.-
Chasselas, Domaine de Chantegrive, Alain Rolaz, Gilly
Ambitus Chasselas bt 75cl   CHF 33.-
Domaine de Chantegrive Gilly, Alain Rolaz
Petite Arvine   bt 50cl   CHF 35.-
Petite Arvine   bt 75cl   CHF 44.-
Maison Gilliard, Sion

Wine red
Beau Soleil   bt 75cl   CHF 44.-
Gamaret Thierry Durand, Mont-sur-Rolle
Pinot Noir Soprano   bt 50 cl   CHF 29.-
Pinot Noir Soprano   bt 75 cl   CHF 38.-
Domaine de Chantegrive, Alain Rolaz, Gilly
Crescendo   bt 75cl   CHF 44.-
Gamaret/Garanoir/Pinot Noir, Alain Rolaz, Gilly
Humagne   bt 75cl   CHF 44.-
Maison Gillard, Sion

Beers and aperitifs

Blonde or mixed beer  2,5 dl  CHF 4.00.-
Blonde or mixed beer   5 dl   CHF 6.80.-
White beer   2.5 dl   CHF 4.80.-
White beer   5 dl   CHF 7.-

Various bottled craft beers
depending on the season, the supplier and the boss's mood

Spritz / Hugo   3 dl   CHF 10.-
Kir blackcurrant or blackberry   1,5 dl   CHF 4.60.-
Ricard double   4 cl   CHF 5.-
Suze, Martini, Porto   4 cl   CHF 5.50.-
Gin Tonic, Vodka Orange   CHF 12.-


Syrup  3 dl  CHF 1.50.-
Still mineral water   3 dl   CHF 2.50.-
Still mineral water   1 ltr   CHF 3.-
Water carafe   CHF 3.-
Sparkling mineral water   3 dl   CHF 4.-
Sparkling mineral water   1 ltr   CHF 6.-
Coca, Rivella, Ice tea  3 dl   CHF 4.90.-
Coca, Ice tea   5dl   CHF 6.80.-

Café, Tea, Infusions   CHF 3.50.-
Spilt, Hot chocolate   CHF 4.20.-
Macchiato, Cappuccino   CHF 4.50.-
Café Lutz   CHF 7.50
coffee and prune or kirsch
Vin chaud   CHF 6.--
according to season


Limoncello   4 cl   CHF 8.-
Pomme, pruneau    4 cl   CHF 8.-
Kirsch, Grappa    4 cl  CHF 8.-
Gentiane, Vieille prune  CHF 10.-
Cognac, Calvados   4 cl   CHF 8.-
Génépi   4 cl   CHF 10.-
Amaretto   4 cl   CHF 8.-


Whether you fancy celebrating a birthday, having a company outing, a family gathering or even a wedding reception, it is our pleasure to welcome you to the Basseruche. Meals are served both indoors near the fireplace (seats up to 100 people), or outdoors on the veranda. For special events, we can add a pavilion (seats up to 400 people).

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